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Shree Datta Kshetra

Shree Sadguru Ramakrishna Saraswati Swamiji had decided to construct a magnificent temple of Lord Dattatreya in order to provide solace and peace of mind to future generations. Lord Dattatreya is an incarnation of God known for the protection and preservation of our precious, ancient heritage, viz., the 'Vedās'. The temple is located behind the present premises of Vedant Vidyapeetham in the adjoining land measuring approximately 3 acres. The temple has been constructed using special pink colored Bansi-Pahadpur stones from Rajasthan. Another specialty is that iron is not used anywhere in the construction. A special team of craftsmen from Rajasthan was engaged in the work of carving the stones.


The temple was built by strictly observing directives from ancient Shastras at every step, i.e., proper Muhurt was selected, the necessary rituals were performed and Shastra rules were observed strictly.

The Shilanyas was performed on the auspicious day Ashwin Shuddha 9 Shaka 1924(30 Oct 2002). H.H. Shankaracharya Bharatiteertha Swamiji of Sringeri Math had sent his representative NyayaCudamani Dev Datta Shastri Patil to participate in the rituals. Ghana-paathi Vedic scholars were specially invited from various parts of Maharashtra to chant Vedic mantras at the time of Shilanyas, a historic moment for India. The first beam and the entrance step were later laid with proper pooja and rituals (Dehli poojan & Aadhak poojan) on 15 May 2004 along with Vedic mantras.

Funds were collected from the entire society by way of Bhiksha (which is a paRYadāmpara of Lord Dattatreya) by devotees of Sadguru going door to door. Every individual in the society was given a chance to contribute to this Divine cause so that the entire society can benefit with Sadguru's blessings. The construction of the temple has now been completed. The temple is approximately 90 ft. in height on a base of 160 ft. by 90 ft.

Below are some of the photos of Shri Datta Kshetra Monument:


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