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Various Seva activities are carried out by volunteers and various Satsang Centers in many places throughout India and USA. Seva activities include collecting funds for the students education from people, selling books of preachings of His Holiness Shri Ramakrishna Kshirsagar Swamiji and other activities for raising awareness about Vedas in the society. Here is the help document for the same Help Document

Registering as Volunteer will enable the Heads of all Satsang centers to contact you for seva and other Devasthan related activities. If you choose the 'Make Public' as Yes in the below form, then your information will be published on this website within 2-3 days in 'Volunteer List' section and enable anyone to contact you. If you encounter problem in Registering as Volunteer, please email the problem screenshot to support@dattadevasthan.org

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