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Shree Datta Devasthan Trust

Sadguru Shree Ramakrishna Saraswati Swamiji founded Shree Datta Devasthan Trust in 1974 at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, with a view to protect and preserve the Vedas. The Trust runs Vedant Vidyapeetham and all the Veda and Dharma related activities and undertakings. The trust has been registered under Bombay Public Trust Act A-711.

The entire expenditure of the students is borne by the trust. In keeping with the Hindu tradition, the trust also maintains cows at the Shree Nrusimha Saraswati Tapovan on the Ahmednagar-Aurangabad highway. The Tapovan also has a small farm where fruits and vegetables are cultivated and supplied to the hermitage.


To propagate the philosophies of Vedanta leading to a healthy and ethical society, the trust publishes the invaluable guidance given by Sadguru to the people. Sadguru would counsel his devotees and instruct them to follow the righteous path of 'Dharma'. This Golden treasure was noted and collated by the devotees in form of series of books called 'Guruwani', 'Amrut Kalash', 'Dharma Darshan', 'Sadgurusamwad' etc.

To spread the message of Vedanta, the trust also arranges lectures of scholars of various 'Shastras' and other Hindu philosophical texts. For this purpose, a grand building called 'Mahalaxmi Mandap' has been constructed.

The Devasthan also has a library where books related to Vedanta, biographies of various saints and manuscripts are available for study. The trust has also undertaken the task of preserving and safekeeping of ancient scriptures and rare books.

Shree Datta Devasthan is blessed with the manifestation of the Almighty in the form the Divine Paduka (the holy feet) of Shree Nrusimha Saraswati Swamiji, an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. Various Vedic yagas and rituals such as 'Maharudra', 'Pawaman', 'Shatachandi', etc., are performed regularly for 'Vishwakalyan' (Universal peace and harmony).

In keeping with the tradition of GurupaRYadāmpara, several festivals like Gurupournima, Shree Dattatreya Jayanti, Adya Shankaracharya Jayanti, Shree Sadguru Jayanti are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at the Datta Devasthan.

To provide solace, harmony and peace to the entire society, Sadguru decided to construct a temple of Lord Dattatreya. The 'Shilanyas' (laying of the foundation) ceremony was performed on 30th October 2002. This magnificent temple (Approx. 160 ft x 90 ft wide and 90 ft in height) has been constructed just behind the Vedanta Vidyapeetham. Beautiful pink 'Bansi-Paharpur' stone brought specially from Rajasthan is being used for this purpose.

The salient aspects of Shree Datta Devasthan are:

- Vedant Vidyapeetham: Students learning Vedās stay for a duration of 12-14 years in a Gurukul system with necessary facilities like living accommodation, library and all basic amenities provided by the Trust.
- Nrusimha Saraswati Tapovan: A small serene place with cows, healthy ecosystem and farmland for self-reliance of the institution.
- Kalpavriksha: The divine tree, which has a combination of Audumbar, Peepal and Wad coming from the same roots. This is truly a miracle of nature and an evidence of divine presence in Devasthan.
- Shree Dattakshetra Project: A magnificent temple of Lord Dattatreya has been constructed behind the Vedant Vidyapeetham.

Datta Devasthan Trust


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