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The Purpose of Human Life

-- Translated from Guruwani

You are blessed to be a human. Being a human is a very special thing. You are extremely gifted by nature to be a human. No matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what physical and mental conditions you live in. It's a gift to be a human since you have a mind, you can think, you can voice your thoughts. No other species in the world has the ability to think. You have to make use of these divine gifts and make your life meaningful, worthwhile. Your focused efforts, continued pursuit can enhance your intelligence, your vision and your mind power. But you have to initiate it. Because only a man himself has the power to explore his past, his future, the very purpose for which he is alive and the ultimate height to which the life can rise. He has to embark the quest of the eternal happiness. And that is the very purpose of a human life. The only obstacle in the way being whether you choose to.

The virtues and potentials of men need to be examined. On an average a man tends to lack in virtues. His greed for wealth, his passion, his lust, all these qualities proclaim the extent of vice and virtues and their balance in his previous births.

A man cannot find the existence of God, the Omnipotent Power, so easily. God has made it difficult to find Him by giving man the "ego". This "ego" blinds a man's sight and he cannot communicate with the God. As long as the ego resides within, a man cannot enjoy enhanced intelligence. The quest of sprit is nothing but a healthy body that desires to seek God, the human body that believes in the existence of Omnipotent Power. The spirit resides within the body and hence the body needs to be reminded of that spirit. The natural tendency of the body is towards inaction and hence mind has to take control over the body and provoke it to take action. Once the body becomes action oriented, it does not take long to seek the God. Searching the light and the energy of God, is the very purpose of human life.

Every man possesses an aura of energy around him as per his power. Those who are the incarnations of God, can see this aura. They are also aware of the aura, the light of God, they themselves possess. But this is a spiritual level attained by only those who can escape from mundane pleasures and material world. This is very hard to achieve. Common man cannot leave material world and practical life. Such height of attainment can be reached only after attaining purity of mind. And this can be achieved only by acquiring spiritual knowledge and through prolonged efforts, not for years but for decades. It requires sheer hard work and perseverance. After such efforts only the body is purified and a pure mind dwells in it.

If you want to achieve this in your life you need to be blessed by birth. It requires continued efforts and tremendous perseverance. It cannot be attained by mere Guru's blessings and presence. A man can move towards this goal only with the consent and help of a Guru possessing divine power and spiritual authority. Under the guidance of the divine Guru a man achieve this provided he does all possible efforts. This is the time for you to decide about your life. Do not waste your life just like that. Direct your life towards this goal and follow the guidance of our divine Guru.

There are not a few people who can deliver lectures and speeches on spiritual attainment and yet have not achieved anything and are nowhere near that attainment. There are many who study and talk of philosophy and yet cannot inspire a single listener. Because the knowledge obtained is outwards, is not from within. The talk lacks harmony, music. It is based on acquired knowledge and not on experience. This is clearly not a path to tread if you wish to achieve spiritual progress.

The spiritual progress is a state of mind. It requires clear mind and purity of thoughts. A mind that does not have fears, doubts or thoughts of grief and resentment. Mind should be clear from all kinds of human feelings, then only the progress can be fast enough. But the peculiarity of human mind is that, it cannot be free from grief so easily. If it does not have anything to grieve about, it recollects past pains and grieves about them. And wonders why the progress is not seen. Many people chase the spiritual progress madly, join some clubs, do all sorts of meditations, but fail to take a look and analyze if they are really any near to their goals or not. They are not aware how to improve this. There is absolutely no need to meditate or do some crazy things to obtain God. God does not appreciate such things. If you are on the right track you will start feeling happy, you will start feeling peace and tranquility. Your daily actions will proclaim that. A man tries to get free from grief and pain of everyday life but does not know that it requires the blessings of the divine Guru. It requires actions that come out of a peaceful mind. The company of your friends and families is also important. Some people bite when close and trouble when kept far away. You can neither avoid nor be in their company. Under such circumstances you should not get too involved in such people. A divine Guru also teaches such practical matters.

This is the era of the devil, the "Kali Yug". You have to be very careful. Do not try the path of vice, do not even think of vice. Never try to trouble anyone directly or indirectly. The devil is waiting for you to commit such mistakes. It will not be long before the devil controls your life and not God. Live with respect for virtues and no one can bother you. God is very just and He will always take the side of the truth. Be truthful and let the God control your life.

Those who perpetrate crime will have to suffer. No one can escape the justice given by God. Hence be clear in you conscience. Be good to people around you and no one can take away your happiness.

Assassination is one of the greatest sins in this world. To assassinate or participate or plan for one is a huge sin. Selfish and cruel desires are responsible for such crimes. Stay away from such desires which lead to sins. Other trivial sins can be washed away daily by mere visitng temple or worshiping God.

Thus the definition of sin lies in the vice intentions more than the actions performed. A court judge giving justice, announcing punishments and death sentences to criminals cannot be called a sinner. Since he is merely doing his duty. Similarly, to fire someone, to punish someone are not sins but duties. These action are not only far from sins but show the clear conscience and genuine nature of their just performer.

And this is the very reason why should we believe in God. To protect our minds from vice and bad intentions we have to believe in God. Even if we do commit a mistake and get to suffer on its account, the belief in God gives us the strength to bare the sufferings. We have to be in continuous association with God, in harmony with God. Remember Him all the time, pray Him, worship Him whenever possible. Remember always, every word you utter, every action you take, every thought you possess is being watched and will have its effect. Some people talk against Lord RYadām and Lord Krishna. Advocate that they were not Gods. This is completely wrong. Do not follow such paths. A man who knows that he is here for a special purpose and seeks that purpose is said to be worth living. Every one knows this. Everyone knows the difference between good and bad But very few act in that way. Do not be a passive person like this. Keep some goal above your daily life, make a resolution and proceed step by step to achieve it. This is the only way to attain spirituality. The clear conscience and free mind is necessary. Whatever may be your religion or country.

A human life is a combination of enhancements and deterioration, of ascent and descent. As the man makes spiritual progress the deformities in him start reducing and he begins walking the ladder towards spiritual attainment. This is time when he appreciates the significance of spirituality above the material gains. How to get sheer happiness in life? How to achieve serenity and peace? How to achieve joy and pleasure that lasts for a long time? There is no way but to worship God, pray God and follow this path continuously. It is the only way to realize God's blessings and create a meaning to your life and you will be happy forever. Seek the blessings of the divine Gurus who have the power to create happiness in your life, who have devoted their life for your good. Surrender to them and follow every word of their advise with true belief. You will enhance the quality of your life and happiness will come searching for you.


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