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Guru Shishya Sanwaad

-- Dr V.D. Kulkarni & His Holiness Shree Ramakrishna Swamiji

Shishya:It is believed that the core Brahma said, "ekaki na Ramate" (boredom of loneliness) and hence he said "bahu syam" and created the whole universe. But why does the feeling of "boredom" arise in the state of eternal bliss? And how does it surface?

Guru: It is true that the core Brahma said, "ekaki na ramate" and then said, "bahu syam". If this feeling arises in the state of eternal bliss then the imperfection of man disappears. Whatever may be said, the imperfection of man can never go away. For it to disappear, the state of eternal bliss has to be reached. Once this state is attained the body remains just for namesake and the feeling of eternal bliss can be experienced in this situation. The reason for the core Brahma to say, "ekaki na Ramate" is that this then needs to materialize into existence. Only through the materialized form of the core Brahma can the true nature of the core Brahma be enjoyed.

Shishya: Why did Brahma create the universe made up of three qualities (virtue, passion and vice)? Why not create it with only the quality of virtue?

Guru: The universe was created containing the three qualities of virtue, passion and vice because God established religion with four class divisions. If the universe were to be created with the conception of a single quality, neither human life nor religion could have been sustained. Brahman should follow religion, Kshatriya should rule and protect, and Vaishya should handle trade and commerce. These three classes have been particularly considered. As per the system of varna all the four classes are considered equal.

Shishya: So in this universe containing three qualities, spiritual union can be experienced through the paths of worship and practice of "Naam". From this perspective, how should "Naam" be considered in relation to other forms of worship?

Guru: The practice of "Naam" is the best kind of worship. Other ways of worship are relatively much more arduous. The practice of "Naam" results in physical as well as vocal refinement. The benefits of "Naam" may also be achievable by following other forms of worship as per one's capabilities and religious authorization under the "varna" system. But the practice of "Naam" should indeed be followed by all "varna".

Shishya: When does a man who invariably fulfills all religious and worldly duties and is also very devout attain a high caliber?

Guru: He attains a high caliber after being blessed with a Guru's guidance. The Guru must belong to a hallowed lineage, because Guru is not just a person but an entire heritage; Guru is truth. If such a Guru grants his blessing then the person reaches a high caliber. Though a person follows all religious duties and is an ardent devotee, and though this may be self-driven, the approval of a Guru of sacred lineage is essential. Only then can he progress faster toward excellence.

Shishya: In worldly terms, some people follow careers in various fields like Politics, Social service and Education. Sometimes they may even hold a position of great authority in their respective fields. They work with sincerity and justice. But they have not tried the path of spirituality. There is not even a remote possibility of them meeting a spiritual Guru. Can such men be considered great?

Guru: In practical matters, you may consider them as great. But that does not necessarily make them great. In fact, it is highly unlikely that they will possess greatness because their "ego" comes in the way. Since they hold a position of authority in worldly terms, there are high chances for them to have feelings like "so-and-so issue just cannot be resolved without me" or "this happened because of me and me alone". This feeling of "I" and the expectation of results must first be dissolved. Only then can they meet a Saint or a worthy Guru. As long as man does not feel the desire to surrender to or bow before the Guru, his ego does not go away. Guru is the restraint that keeps man exactly in the right place. Nirlajjam Gurusannidham (association with Guru without any shame) is essential for this. Man cannot attain greatness unless his ego disappears.


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