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Effect of Vedās on India

-- Shree Gurucharandas

Just as gravitational force, waves etc. are part of the nature, so also Vedās are the part of the nature. Ancient rishis (sages) experienced a kind of 'waves' in the nature. They found out that if you a chant in a certain fashion, you sort of establish a rapport with the nature. This chanting is 'Veda-mantras'. Gurudev pointed out that the particular method of chanting is more important than the meaning of the mantras (verses). In a way, chanting of Veda-mantras is the most environment friendly activity ever devised for mankind. The chanting of Vedās in the course of 'Yajna' which has been going on in India for thousands of years has made India a unique country in the world.

We are tempted to say that the world is divided not into east and west, nor into G-8 and rest but rather into India and the rest. The following things set India apart from the world: 1. Vedic dharma has survived inspite of foreign invasion and rebellion from within: Islam ruled India for approximately 7 centuries. History of Islam indicates that the islamic countries from Morocco to Malaysia accepted Islam completely within a century or so after Islam was introduced in those countries. Unlike the medieval Europian kings, who fought 'crusades' against muslim kings, Hindu kings never fought wars in the name of religion. The muslim kings had trustworthy Hindu cheiftains and the Hindu kings had loyal muslim soldiers. Not a single Hindu saint expressed hatred against Islam. Yet Vedic dharma survived.

Over the last 300 years, European countries armed with a new weapon 'science' came to rule almost the entire world. Though the Europeans eventually settled in the regions farthest from India (America, Australia, Southern africa), they chose to retreat from the regions closer to India (Morocco to Korea). India, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi did not express hatred against England and in fact gave moral support to England against Nazis and fascists. The world war II which created havoc in most of Europe and Asia, did not touch India and in fact, actually set India free.


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